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Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc. is committed to staying current with all forms of the evolving EDR technology. Our staff maintains an up-to-date listing of available data by manufacturers.


Bosch Collision Data Retrieval System

This system allows for the downloading of data from certain late model vehicles which have
compatible Airbag Control Modules, Powertrain Control Modules or Roll-Over Sensors. This
information can include speed, RPM, brake switch status, percent of throttle and
seatbelt status.

Diesel Engine Electronic Control Module Data

ECMs in late model diesel engines of commercial vehicles store various amounts of data
depending on the engine manufacturer. We use our expertise and experience to
properly advise you on matters relating to what types of data may be available on each
make and model engine, the process of obtaining and preserving the data, and potential
uses of the data once it is obtained. This data may provide speed, RPM, brake switch status,
percent of throttle, engine load and cruise control status.

Available Engine Data by Manufacturer

Quick Stop, Trip Data, Vehicle Speed Histograms, Parameters

Sudden Deceleration (with PowerSpec), Trip Data, Parameters

Detroit Diesel
Hard Brake, Last Stop, Trip Data, Daily Engine Usage, Parameters

Hard Brake Last Stop, Trip Data, Daily Engine Usage, Parameters

Hard Brake, Last Stop, Trip Data, Parameters
(Note: Mack electronic data can only be downloaded by Mack. Our reconstruction staff can
explain the process and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of data extraction)

Utilization of Recorded Data

With the advances in electronics available in motor vehicles, TSC has analyzed recorded data
from many sources. Along with the physical evidence, this electronic data can be used in
accident reconstruction to determine:

• Speed Analysis
• Brake Switch Status
• Clutch Switch Status
• Cruise Switch Status
• Throttle/Engine Load
• Acceleration/Deceleration Rates
• Time/Distance Analysis
• FMCSA Hours of Service Compliance
• Perception/Reaction Times
• Seatbelt Usage

Vorad Collision Avoidance System
Bosch Collision Data Retrieval
  Diesel Engine Electronic Control Module Data

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