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Complete Accident Reconstruction

Our goal is to take your case from initial contact through the entire process of data collection, analysis, formulation of opinions and presentation of findings with the least amount of time, expense and stress on you the client.

We take your case seriously and give each case the full measure of our technical expertise and extensive experience from beginning to end.

Each case is evaluated to determine what activities are needed to complete the analysis.

A typical analysis will consist of:

Crash Scene Examination
We will document the existing roadway features and all physical evidence both
photographically and electronically using our robotic total station technology that allows
a single reconstructionist to perform the scene work.

Scene Data From Other Sources
We will utilize data collected at the scene by law enforcement investigators, news video,
and many other sources to give us the best data possible for analysis.

Vehicle Examination
We will carefully examine and document all evidence and mechanical data available from
crashed involved vehicles for use in our analysis. We will collect and protect any
available electronic data using state of the art software. Electronic Data Collection is
discussed in more detail in the technology section of our web site.

Technical Analysis
We will use our extensive background and resources to perform an analysis of the crash.

We will report our analysis findings as requested and provide expert witness testimony in
various formats.


Traffic Safety Consultants

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Compliance / Fleet Safety

Our team has extensive background in the compliance issues that motor carriers must
confront on a daily basis. Our Certified Directors of Safety (CDS) can assist in analysis of
current programs and make full compliance a reality rather than a hope.

We routinely provide safety and compliance audits, staff training, and post crash evaluations
of safety and compliance issues. Our staff has experience in providing testimony on these issues
as well.


TSC personnel conduct driver training, safety training and continuing education credits for safety managers, attorneys and insurance agents. These seminars can be tailored to the clients' needs in crash reconstruction, fleet safety and Federal Motor Safety Carrier Regulations. If you'd like to schedule a seminar please contact TSC at:

800.628.9547 or email at:

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